at Caesar Rodney                    Winter 1989
  O U R   T O W N 
O U R   T O W N 
Thornton Wilder's
The Stage Manager (Jason Steele) officiates at the wedding of George (Donald Lonski) and Emily (Cissy Killen).
Mr. Webb (Dan McFadd) tries to calm George (Donald Lonski) and Emily (Cissy Killen).
The Stage Manager (Jason Steele) serves up an ice cream soda to Emily (Cissy Killen) and George
Donald Lonski)
during their courtship.
George (Donald Lonski) breaks down at Emily's grave after she died at childbirth.
Stage Manager
Lisa Buswell
Ray Colon
Jacqueline Jones
Previous Plays and Musicals
The Stage for Our Town.
"Do any human beings realize life while they live it - every, every minute?"
                                                                          - Emily