O U R   T O W N
Thornton Wilder's
at Caesar Rodney                     Winter 1989
The Cast and Crew of Our Town
The Stage Manager (Jason Steele) leads us through the sights and sounds of Grover's Corners.
Mrs. Webb (Jill Zimmerman) prepares breakfast for Wally (Tim Rohe) and Emily (Cissy Killen).
George (Donald Lonski) and Rebecca (Tara Clark) eat breakfast while Mrs. Gibbs (Leigh Lewis) pours coffee.
Mrs. Gibbs (Leigh Lewis), Mrs. Webb (Jill Zimmerman), and Mrs. Soames (Edythe Richards) discuss that evening's choir rehearsal.
Mrs. Gibbs (Leigh Lewis) calls to the children.
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O U R   T O W N