Congratulations to the Cast and Crew of Othello for their outstanding production of a very difficult tragedy.
(n. Acclaim or prestige as a result of achievement or position. Gk.)
Program Honors
Over the years, the Drama Program at Caesar Rodney has earned critical acclaim for its efforts.

        Recently honored at the 2004 Delaware State High School Play Festival with the Best Play (Antigone), Outstanding Performer (Christine Faulkner), Outstanding Actress (Christine Faulkner), Best Supporting Actress (Elise Marie Knable), Best Supporting Actor (Sean Bradley), Best Director, and high praise for the Greek Chorus.
          One of twenty-three high schools in 1997 chosen from almost 200 top programs in the country to participate in the American High School Theatre Festival as a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Twenty-four students traveled to London for two days and
Scotland for ten to present The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail.
Among the top finishers each year in the Delaware English-Speaking Union's Shakespeare Competition.
          The only high school in the region to stage a major production of Shakespeare each year (having just completed our seventeenth).
Each year consistantly place a sophomore in the Governor's School for Excellence.

          Cited in
Redbook Magazine as a contributing factor in Caesar Rodney's selection as one of America's Top 142 High Schools in 1992.