The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail
at Caesar Rodney               Winter 1997
Edward (Casey Jaywork) agrees to have Henry (Darrell Louder) as a teacher, as Lydia (Lynette Morris) and Waldo (Ryan Fransisco) look on.
Henry (Darrell Louder) consoles his mother (Jenny Slentz).
Henry (Darrell Louder)
and brother John (Thom Canalichio) discuss the universe.
Williams (Nikhil Nadkarny) speaks of freedom to Henry (Darrell Louder).
Henry (Darrell Louder) admits his affection to Lydia (Lynette Morris).
The Nightmare with Derek Benham and others.
Previous Plays and Musicals
Henry (Darrell Louder) in his nightmare with the fallen John (Thom Canalichio).