In Shakespeare's day, some of the open-air theaters frequented by so many of his countrymen were named after animals -- The Red Bull, The Swan, The Boar's Head and Red Lion among them.  Since we are  the "Riders", we thought it appropriate to re-name the Caesar Rodney Theater "The Horse" when it serves as our Elizabethan-style winter home.  Shakespeare's King's Men also went to a different venue, like Blackfriars, Middle Temple, or to Court to present their cold-weather fare.

          The Horse consists of a twenty-foot wide thrust stage extending sixteen feet from our apron.  With our main act curtain closed, we create a two-story Tiring House complete with a stage right and left entrance on either side of a curtained center entrance or reveal.  Above is an ample balcony fronted by two immense pillars topped by a pediment.  The entire facade is outlined with six smaller pillars, and decorated according to the tenor of the play.

          The audience is partitioned to create a circular plan surrounding the stage on three sides.  Lighting is arranged to continuously shine straight down from overhead, emulating the effect of a sunlit sky.  With audience and actors equally illuminated, the actors consider the space positively electric.   
An Elizabethan Theater
The Horse
at Caesar Rodney
Shakespeare's Plays
we have presented in The Horse:

Taming of the Shrew -'89-'90
Much Ado About Nothing -'90-'91
Hamlet - '91-'92
All's Well That Ends Well - '92-'93
The Merchant of Venice - '94-'95
Macbeth - '95-'96
The Comedy of Errors - '96-'97
The Tragedy of King Lear - '98-'99
Twelfth Night - '99-'00
Taming of the Shrew - '01-'02
The Tragedy of Julius Caesar - '02-03
As You Like It - '05-'06

A Midsummer Night's Dream ('87-'88), Othello ('93-'94), The Tempest ('97-'98), The Tragedy of Richard III ('00-'01), and A Midsummer Night's Dream ('03-'04), Othello ('04-'05), and The Tempest ('06-'07) played in the Caesar Rodney Theater on a modern stage.
Previous Plays & Musicals
The Horse - The Merchant of Venice - 1995