Caesar Rodney
Stage Crew and Thespian
         Over the years, we've assembled a good number of photos and memorabilia -  items that chronicle and bring back memories.  Like so many others, they've sat in boxes and piles, waiting for a little organization.  Well, here it is - finally -  a scrapbook of our times on and off the stage at Caesar Rodney.
The King and I - 1993    (Felix Ortiz and Lori Major)
         We begin this journey "down memory lane" from the earliest photos we have thus far found, then bring you forward.  For now, we include only the shows for which we have located pictures.  (We know we have many more.)  Eventually, we will provide cast and crew lists as well as photos for all of our productions.  As time permits, we will keep adding items as they turn up in our search of the "files."  Please keep checking back to see the new listings.  It'll be fun!  For now, just tap the "Scrapbook" button to begin your adventure.
Open the
The Diary of Anne Frank - 2002
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Captions and names will continue to multiply as we re-discover everyone.
Fiddler on the Roof - 1995 and 2002
Dr. Winfried Mroz